I was mistaken (and glad of it)

I boasted last week about how I have a new Time Capsule router and backup drive that will prevent a repeat of the lost-chapters mishap of last summer when my hard drive crashed. The Time Capsule saves all of my work automatically to a separate location (though I am still doing more manual backups too).

Later I wrote that I had finished Chapter 14 of The Sleep of Reason and that it came in at just under 5,000 words.

And then the other day I opened Chapter 14 and found that it was missing the last 1,000 words! That was surprising (and a little alarming), but I knew that I could simply go to the Time Capsule and restore the backup file from there. When I tried, I found that the file there was also missing the last 1,000 words.

Of course the Time Capsule did exactly what is was supposed to. It backed up the file as it appeared on my hard drive. Unfortunately for me, it was a file I had somehow saved without the last 1,000 words. Even my manual backup had the same bad-news file.

That was humbling. But I turned myself to the task of recovering those missing words from the very unreliable, biologically based, analog hard drive of my brain, though not to much good effect. All the wonderful technology in the world can’t make a difference if a fellow fails to save a file properly to begin with.

It was only after a few days of feeling this humility and once-again-hard-learned-lesson that I was granted a reprieve. Somehow I had managed to save the full file onto my desktop. I have no idea how the file ever wound up there. Not coincidentally, the backup of my desktop on the Time Capsule also contains the full file. So I have restored the full file to its proper subdirectory, and I’ll probably pay better attention to my saving routines, and all will be well. Until it happens again.

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One Comment on “I was mistaken (and glad of it)”

  1. Roberto Says:

    At the end of a long night: Save the file, then without closing save it again on a second (physically different) hard drive. Then re-open the first one, check if it is the correct size with nothing missing, then close everything, both files will be okay now.
    Takes about 10 seconds, and as an extra plus you will always have backup copies too…

    Great writing here, I am interested in your work now I guess 🙂

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