A writing experiment

I’ve begun a writing experiment, though I don’t know why. I’ve started working on a short story that will be written exclusively on Google Documents. I noted in an earlier post that I had looked at Google Documents as an offsite storage device for my writing, the need of this springing from my hard drive crash of last summer and the loss of two chapters I had written.

I still haven’t done any serious uploading of my stories to Google Documents. It’s a manual process, and despite assurances from the site, I don’t feel confident about the privacy there (or even the longevity). I’ve moved a few things there to see how it works. If I know I’m going to have some computer time when I’m away from my laptop, I have put a story there so that I can access it (from anywhere in the world actually) and maybe do a little work on it. (I haven’t followed through though.)

My experiment is different. I want to try writing an entire short story in unfamiliar locations. I am curious to learn how important the familiar setting (in time and place) of my writing spot at home influences (or even allows) my creativity. If I am at the office, in a hotel, at the library, at a friend’s house, will I be able to call up my creative side and make coherent progress on something that demands concentration and unearthly focus?

I’m not making the experiment easy. I don’t even have a plot for my short story. I hardly have a character. I do have 23 words though. It’s a start. The opening sentence is one that more or less just popped into my head when I was driving one day. It deals with tone and circumstance, and I think it could prove fruitful, but without knowing where it might go, I don’t see how sitting down in some unfamiliar, noisy, interruptive spot is going to allow development. But it’s an experiment, and that’s how these things work.

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3 Comments on “A writing experiment”

  1. J.M. Reep Says:

    I wouldn’t worry about using Google Docs. It’s fairly reliable. Another option, though, would be to buy a flash drive and back up your important documents onto that; it’s what I do. Flash drives cost next to nothing nowadays.

    Good luck with your story!

  2. paullamb Says:

    J.M. – Yes, I do have a flash drive, and I back up to it then from it to another computer I have in the house. I also back up to my wireless router. I’m obsessive about it now. The trouble is that these solutions are all in the same physical building. If anything happened to that, I’d lose even my back ups.

    I’m just using Google Docs as a place to fool around.

  3. J.M. Reep Says:

    Haha. Yes, now that I read some more of your posts, I see that you do, indeed, have a flash drive. My bad.

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