Chapter 16 is underway

I’ve made some good progress on Chapter 16, having set down about two thousand first-draft words. This and Chapter 15 are transitional chapters, bringing the newest character into full focus, and then it’s back to the plot and the end game.

It’s actually Chapter 15 that needs attention. I don’t feel good about that. My character seems too pliable to the needs of the plot. He doesn’t seem to have any life of his own. I’m not sure why this is, but I suspect that in part it is due to my lack of familiarity with his particular subculture in our society. He should be much more feisty and far less trusting than I have depicted him, at least as I understand his background. So I need to revisit Chapter 15, but not with a pencil. I need to use a scissors there to cut and slash. Then I will have to rewrite the presentation of the character to give him more credibility.

Part of the answer lies in the many parallels I have found (and created) in this story. The new character and my protagonist have many states (and fates) that reflect each other. I think as long as I serve this design requirement, I should be in control once again.

As in most things with this novel, though, I’m going to let it be for now and try to resolve it in the rewrite. I’ve learned that as the story has evolved, there are dozens of things I must go back into the early chapters to introduce or address, so I’m hoping that the resolution of this characterization problem will become more clear as the rest of the story gets laid out.

Wish me luck.

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