A different route to the same end

Some of my best thoughts seem to come when I don’t want to be thinking about them. I was reading a book the other evening when I found my thoughts swirling around some small plot problems in my novel The Sleep of Reason. Almost in a flash I came upon an altogether new way to explain the inevitable ending of the story. By “explain” I mean use all of the features, characters, and vignettes already written to support a completely new understanding of what happens in the story. I soon set the book aside and began to make notes on this revelation.

What I intend to do will take the story to a deeper level. I like to think that the novel is nuanced enough as written to hold the interest of a serious reader, but with a few adjustments here and there — really no more than building off of what is already in place — an altogether new layer of meaning and understanding will be created. An entire story behind the story will be revealed (in the end). It’s not one that I even knew was there, yet the pieces fit so perfectly, especially two characters as I’ve written them, that it seems inevitable and obligatory that I would write it all this way.

Once again I am astonished by what seems to be a story “out there” that is being revealed to me, as though I am merely the scrivener trying hard to hear what is being dictated to me. It’s not, of course. The story is wholly mine, but the workings of my creative parts remain mysterious and, at times like this, much appreciated.

So with a few words of extra dialogue here and a few more words of description there I will be able to take my story to new territory. And I shall.

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One Comment on “A different route to the same end”

  1. Rod Duncan Says:

    When something like that happens – a story that you didn;t know was there is revealed to you – I take it as a sign that things are really working in your writing. Also the feeling that the story is being dictated to you – wonderful. That seems to be when the best stuff comes. I guess it is yet another indication of the importance of the unconscious mind in what we do.

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