Chapter 16 progresses

In the last week or so I’ve made acceptable progress on Chapter 16 of my novel-in-progress, The Sleep of Reason. I now have more than 4,000 words in the chapter, and I’d guess that fewer than a thousand more will get the job done. This and the chapter before it are a kind of interlude in the storyline before the big, big events of Chapter 17 (which plunge our protagonist into his doom). I’m not sure I like the interlude. It’s a clear break with the pace of the story, but it’s necessary for the plot. I’ll see what it looks like after the whole novel is finished and has had a chance to cool a bit.

I’ve noted in recent posts here that a recent revelation about my story, an understanding that dawned on me which carries the tale to a deeper level of meaning, has been occupying my thoughts. Rather than distract me though, this understanding has been a boon to my writing of this novel. I now have a standard by which to judge every single word I put in it. Does this serve the obvious story, and can it be made to serve the deeper story? It tingles the spine sometimes.

I have a feeling that this novel is going to hinge on the very last sentence. If I can pull it off (and I may have to rewrite the whole thing to third-person narration to do it), then the reader will enjoy a coherent and whole tale throughout but be flummoxed by the very last sentence. I’m not talking about a twist ending. Rather, it is more like a drawing back of the curtain to reveal the deeper workings of every word that came before it. That’s a big responsibility, but it’s one worth working toward!

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One Comment on “Chapter 16 progresses”

  1. Rod Duncan Says:

    I always found that the hero’s inner journey hinged on the final line or two – particularly with Backlash, where it really was the last line.

    But the outer journey kicked to a close between 500 and 1500 words earlier.

    Good trick if you could get them to culminate at the same moment. 🙂

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