Chapter 16 is completed

I managed to write my way to the conclusion of Chapter 16 of my novel The Sleep of Reason this morning. It comes in at 4,800+ words, and I expect that to change as I do more research. The chapter concludes with a bit of commerce in a part of life I have no experience in. (Intriguingly cryptic, isn’t it?) Plus, the transaction involves certain “products” that I need to research in more detail. Thus I expect to flesh out the latter thousand words of the chapter more.

This finally brings to its proper resolution the two-chapter diversion from the main narrative. It is a necessary diversion, but even to me it feels out of place. I’ll have to see how it feels when I begin the big rewrite. I think there will be ways I can foreshadow the diversion, to make it seem like merely a more well developed continuation of somewhat similar incidents earlier in the story. I think I’ve mentioned before that parallel structure infuses this story. The narrative involves four repetitions of the very weird event of the first chapter, and each repetition requires certain preparations by my protagonist, so the diversionary chapters just completed can be set up as just another part of those preparations. At least that’s my plan.

So, on with Chapter 17. This is the big one, where in the apparent climax of the story takes place. I’ve been rehearsing this chapter in my mind for the last year, so it will be gratifying to get it in written form finally.

After this, I only see two more chapters to follow. (Maybe three.) Were Chapter 17 the true climax of the story, conventional writing wisdom would say that two chapters more would be too much for wrapping up, but a) there’s a bigger climax to come, and b) I don’t care too much for conventional wisdom.

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