Duotrope’s Digest

Having now found homes for three of my short stories though the site, I can heartily recommend to you Duotrope’s Digest, which is, among other things, a fantastic, sortable listing of electronic and print publications looking for your fiction and poetry.

If you haven’t heard of it before, you should treat yourself to a visit. The site includes more than just the 2,450 publications eager for your work. This free resource includes information for writers and editors as well as statistics for response time from various publications. There is even a store!

Duotrope's Digest: search for short fiction & poetry markets

As I said, this resource is free, but if you find you’d like to contribute to help the site stay online and help writers, there’s a mechanism for doing that too.

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2 Comments on “Duotrope’s Digest”

  1. J.M. Reep Says:

    Bookmarked and blogrolled! I’ve never heard of that site, but it does look very handy. Sort of a like an online version of the Writer’s Market books, except it’s free.

  2. […] gotta give Paul Lamb all the credit for this post. On his website today he wrote about Duotrope’s Digest, which I […]

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