Chapter Seventeen progresses

I’ve made satisfactory progress on writing Chapter 17 of my novel, The Sleep of Reason. It’s now up to 3,500 words, and I expect about 2,000 more will finish it.

This is a fateful chapter, and I mean that literally. The protagonist chooses his fate in this chapter. Some months ago I dithered in this post as to whether I should make my protagonist a classic tragic character or a post-modern tragic character. With my recent epiphany about the story behind the story in this novel, I find that I can have it both ways.

It’s odd to me that the fateful act in this chapter is so much like the act in my short story that I just learned this week will be published in a fantasy ezine. That wasn’t intentional though I suppose it is more than merely coincidental and shouldn’t be a surprise. Though a fantasy magazine will publish the short story, I think most people would categorize it as a piece of crime fiction. The fateful act in the novel clearly is a crime. Yet I am not a crime writer and have no practice or experience in that kind of world. Thus I suppose it is not surprising that I would use a similar act of crime in each case. In the short story, the act is only (strongly) implied. In the novel, it is graphically depicted. In both cases, though, I am in strange territory, at least in terms of my writing and my life experience.

The novel is now fully into the endgame. I still have at least two chapters more to go, but all of the preparation work in the narrative is finally being realized. I feel a momentum now that I hadn’t felt before. The trudging of the writing is giving way to an almost breathless chase to the end. Cheers to all!

In a bit of serendipity, I find that I will be spending a week in New York next month. It happens that several important scenes in the novel take place in New York, especially in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I plan to include a visit to the Museum in my itinerary, and while I don’t think the parts of the novel that take place there need much in the way of specific detail, I’ll be glad for the opportunity to soak in any impressions that may help.

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