More Meta Musing

Okay, I’ve finally finished plowing through my old posts to add tags and categories so that your edification via my gracious thoughts can be more systematic.

Boy do I have a lot of strong opinions about stuff. I’d forgotten that I’d made many of my points, and while I still agree with them, I don’t think they burn as strongly in my soul as they did when I posted them.

My forage through my old posts also allowed me to fix quite a few eggregious spelling errors. Why didn’t any of you tell me about these?

As for writing, the stars have not been aligned in my favor of late. I hope to get back to my routine soon though. Oddly, I’ve discovered that I must have a writing routine to be productive.

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One Comment on “More Meta Musing”

  1. Rod Duncan Says:

    I didn’t mention the spelling errors because – assuming they were logical – I would not have know they were errors.

    If someone gets upset when their pencils are not arranged in length order, we call them obsessive. When someone gets upset because my spellings are logical but non-standard – this we call normal?

    It is a strange world.


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