Chapter 18 stumbles along

I’m making satisfactory progress on Chapter Eighteen of The Sleep of Reason. I’ve managed to add another 800 words since my return from New York, which may seem like a pittance, but I don’t mind going slowly since the protagonist is about to get a big revelation, and I want his thoughts to be in the right place when that happens. (Also, that New York trip really disrupted my writing routine.)

Many of the characters that made one-time appearances in earlier chapters are called into play in this chapter. They don’t make another appearance, but they are referenced in turn, and their fates are discussed by the protagonist and another character. What those fates are give the protagonist the final realization of his predicament, something he had inklings of before but that he pushed out of his mind. Great power can exalt or crush, and he is about to see just which one is in store for him. He won’t yet know his reaction to it, but he will be set down the road to achieving it.

The resolution is going to be tough writing. I’m going to have to talk out of two sides of my mouth, as the expression goes. I’m going to have to write as though I am talking about one thing but actually be talking about something different. The reader won’t realize this (except for the truly clever reader — like you it so happens!) and the vagueness of my references will, I hope, be supplemented by what the reader thinks is going on. Oh boy, the writing work is either going to exalt me or crush me.

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