Google Documents – An Update

Some months ago I wrote here about my plan to begin using Google Documents as an offsite storage mechanism and my thought to use it as a sort of experimental creative writing site.

I haven’t made extensive use of it, but I have continued to dabble in it. I’m keeping notes for several story ideas and trying out bits of writing there, and I intend to work on these — wherever they go — exclusively in Google Docs.

I appreciate the nearly universal availability of the system: at home, when traveling, at the library, even at the office when no one is looking. It’s suited to the cluster approach I seem to have to creativity. When a thought strays into my mind that is perfect for one of the stories, scenes, or characters also bumping around in there, I can dip into Google Docs and make notes before the clever idea dissolves.

When I do the big rewrite of The Sleep of Reason I intend to post all of the new chapters in Google Docs both to make them more available to me and to assuage my phobia about keeping sufficient backups of my files.

One little quirk that had me puzzled for a while was the apparent requirement of the system that all Word files must have the .doc extension on them. I don’t routinely save my files this way (Word doesn’t require it), so I was mystified for a while when my uploads did not appear. Once I had that figured out it worked smoothly.

I’m sure there are other online systems that do the same things. Let me know about the ones you like.

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One Comment on “Google Documents – An Update”

  1. Jeff Says:

    If you are using Microsoft Word for your writings, you should look at Microsoft Office Live Workspace. It is an online application that lets you store and access files online like Google Docs, but you can save them to your online Workspace directly from Word if you download the Office Live plug-in. I think you will find that its integration with Microsoft Office will be a huge plus for you, and the free 5GB of storage space isn’t too bad either.

    MSFT Office Live Outreach

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