Chapter 18 stumbles along

I’m still making what I consider satisfactory progress on Chapter 18 of my novel-in-progress. My biggest complaint is the lack of decent writing opportunities, but I think I’ll turn the corner on that problem pretty soon.

In my notes for this chapter I have something to the effect that “then the protagonist has a realization.” Seemed sensible at the time, but now that I’m given the task of actually writing that realization I see that I really should have explored that whole pivotal bit of character development more.

The character has to realize two important things: one is that he is profoundly guilty of something and yet apparently free of any consequences. Another is that his life circumstances are closing in on him in ways he had never foreseen. Both of these must occur within the chapter.

Fortunately, my synopsis pre-writing technique is helping. Generally I just start writing a sentence that may or may not address the issue and see where it goes. Soon I find all sorts of handy ideas flooding into my head, and I scribble fast (mechanical pencil on paper, of course) so that I can capture them before the float away. Using this method I think I have solved the manner in which I will depict both ghastly realizations my poor protagonist must have. Using this method, I found that I will not be using a plot device I had intended to use since the very earliest days of working on this novel; I’ve figured out a different, more efficient way to do it.

What may also be hampering my writing progress is a dawning realization of my own. Whenever I think about this novel, I find my thoughts going to how I am going to rewrite it with a third-person narrator. Every turn of phrase I consider I rewrite in my head in third person. I’m beginning to see what a big job it is going to be to rewrite this whole novel with a new narrator, and that daunting prospect seems to chill my creative enthusiasm a bit.

But one thing at a time.

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One Comment on “Chapter 18 stumbles along”

  1. sputnitsa Says:

    Fascinating. Would it be realistic/desirable for you to switch to third person POV from this point on in the draft, just to cut down on some of the time needed for the re-write?

    I’ve not outlined this first WIP of mine, but I find as I reach the last third that I am feeling a desire to do so, to organize my bites. The earlier chapters came and delivered their bangs punctually, if you will, but I think outlining will help me deliver better on the latter part of the draft. We’ll see. I like your words on the benefits you’re finding from your synopsis….

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