On Fiction

I’ve been making some interesting explorations in the blog On Fiction, which is comprised of a group of scholars working to develop a psychology of fiction. Their blog is a thoughtful, educated attempt at understanding how fiction works from the perspective of both the writer and the reader. (I like to think of it as my antidote to those silly blogs that devote their posts to “important writing issues” like the woeful frequency of split infinitives!)

The On Fiction blog has been making thrice-weekly posts for nearly a year now, and while I find many of the posts to be too erudite for me, I can generally glean something from each that helps me understand how I write and how I can write. The writers of this blog take the exploration of the processes of writing and reading to a deeper level, one that a careful writer may know about intuitively but that a more thoughtful examination will allow to yield greater benefit and appreciation. In other words, I think it takes me where I can be a better writer.

I’m still poking my way through their archive of posts, but be sure to visit the various links on the sidebar for other resources for thoughtful readers and writers.

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One Comment on “On Fiction”

  1. Brian Keaney Says:

    A great site. Thanks for the recommendation, Paul.

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