Chapter 19 revisited

I’m sure you realized before I did that the euphoria I reported about completing Chapter Nineteen would not last. Or, more precisely, the “completeness” of the completed chapter wouldn’t last.

In the days since I wrote the last word of the chapter and saved the file, I’ve had all sorts of appropriate second guesses. Primarily, I came to understand that I needed to revise the great realization my protagonist has. He thinks he has come up with a solution to his problem — and he has — but I don’t think it would come as instantly and with as much clarity as I’ve written it. Nor would he so readily be willing to pursue his solution.

I have him see his answer and become firmly resolved to enact it in a single, short paragraph. I think the idea, and an almost immediate aversion to it, could come to him in a flash, but he’d have to get over the aversion even if he sees the perfectness of the solution, and he’d have to work out a lot of details before he would see that the solution really would succeed.

So that and a few other points need to be better developed before I can consider the chapter finished in first draft. But you probably already knew that.

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