Chapter 19 is completed (this time I mean it)

With some thoughtful rewriting and supplementing, I can now say with confidence that Chapter 19 of my novel The Sleep of Reason is completed in first draft. I think I have successfully led my protagonist through his confusion and despair to a resolve to do what needs to be done. Such a hero! Such a fool!

It’s still a lean chapter; I only added about 300 words, so it comes in at 2240 words. That may change in the big rewrite, but we’re almost at the end and I don’t want to delay the delivery of that. I also expect the last chapter to be short, but I must perform some sleight of hand to misdirect the reader so that the revelation at the end has more punch. That may call for some words to pump up the count.

As I write that I am surprised to hear myself talking about the “last chapter” of the novel. There were plenty of times when I thought this time would “never” come. As recently as last month, I saw myself still working on the first draft well into the fall. Now I may have it completed before September.

Of course I’ll need to do the big rewrite, cleaning up this, fortifying that, assuring that the tone is kept appropriate throughout and the protagonist’s psychological progression makes sense. I don’t expect that to take very long, and after that I’ll begin the harder work of rewriting the whole thing with a third person narrator. I’m not out of the woods yet.

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One Comment on “Chapter 19 is completed (this time I mean it)”

  1. brian keaney Says:

    But you can see the edge of the woods. Congratulations!

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