Google Documents, revisited

You may remember me saying (way back here and here) that I’ve been experimenting with using Google Documents as a backup site for the writing I’m doing. In addition, I wanted to try writing several short stories from start to submission exclusively in Google Docs. It is a writing experiment of a sort.

Here’s what I can tell you now. It is a great tool for note taking. It is accessible anywhere a connected computer is. It seems to be reliable and stable. And it certainly seems to be ideal for backups.

I’ve found it to be unsatisfactory, however, for actual creative work. First of all, it is hard for me personally to get into my mysterious creative state of mind in such different settings. Whether I’m at the library or the office, I find I have too many interruptions and outside stimuli.

In addition, the display is not really reader friendly. I have not found a way to double space between lines. This makes the text hard for me to read. There may be a way to do this (perhaps importing text already double spaced and working from there?) but so far it has eluded me.

Because of this, I don’t think I could prepare a final document for submission in Google Documents. Maybe I’ll more to tell you in the months to come.

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2 Comments on “Google Documents, revisited”

  1. Brian Keaney Says:

    Here’s how to double-space a Google Docs document. Go to the Edit menu, select Document Styles; from the Document Styles Box, select Linespace, then Double spaced.

  2. lawrenceez Says:


    I’ve only recently got interested in google docs. However, I found it won’t allow me to upload files of the novel I’ve written because, apparently, the file is too large. (It’s actually less than 1mb)

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