Rewriting recommences

The rewriting work on The Sleep of Reason is back in gear again. In recent days I’ve worked my way through three more chapters, bringing myself to about the midpoint of the whole novel. I’m still finding plot points that need addressing, or rather, I’m still leaving plot points that need addressing. There is a particular revelation in Chapter 8, for example, that may be better made in a later chapter, but I haven’t gotten to that chapter in my rewrite yet to judge.

I am making small notes of what transpires in each chapter so that I can find these unresolved plot points easily when the time comes. I really should have done this on the first go through, as I was writing the chapters originally, but I was in the fever of creativity at the time, or something like that.

I’m also tracking the passage of time in each chapter so that I can go back and impose some seasonal descriptions to them. As I noted in an earlier post, I know the month of the year when the story is to end, so with my time markers for each chapter, it will be easy to know at what time of the year they occur.

One thing I’m curious about is the final world count of the whole thing. I hadn’t compiled that when I finished the first draft, and those chapter files are a bit ragged for going back to get a reliable number. So I’m tabulating as I make my way through the rewrite, considering whatever it comes to, to be the more valid count. I expect it to come in somewhere around 100,000 words.

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