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Duotrope's Digest: search for short fiction & poetry markets

Regular readers of this humble blog (both of you) know that I am an advocate of the online writer’s resource Duotrope’s Digest. It is an aggregation of more than two thousand publications that accept submissions of poetry, short stories, novels, and other writing. The publications are organized in several ways: by genre, interest, length sought, payscale, whether they take electronic or paper submissions, and so on. Highly searchable, with sketch information about each (including reports of submission response times) and links to the actual publications. It’s really a wonderful resource, and the last couple of my works that have been accepted found their homes through here.

Duotrope’s Digest also provides a submission tracker linked to the sites it represents so that you can have a handy record of what you’ve submitted. You can record the submission date, the date you received a response, and whether or not your fine work was accepted. All of this is then added to the information already compiled about the publication. You have to register to use this function, but the publication search function is available to everyone.

I especially like the Deadline Calendar, which shows specific themes given publications are pursuing. This has helped me target my submissions.

Duotrope’s Digest is worth your time to explore. There’s a lot there. While it does not advertise, you are encouraged to make donations so they can keep the lights on. (I have.)

Litlist is a new outfit (since 2007) that does much the same work as Duotrope’s Digest. It doesn’t have nearly as many listings as Duotrope’s Digest — it’s clearly in its building phase — and they are, oddly, broken down by journals and online mags (plus publishers). I suppose the journals are print publications, but I don’t see much benefit in such a distinction. The lists aren’t searchable beyond being alphabetized. The search function is available to all visitors, but you must register to use the submission tracking function.

The site does run advertising, but it is not intrusive. The blog hasn’t been updated since February 2009. It’s been more than a year and a half since anyone has published a book review on the site. Assuming this site is still active, it seems to be more focused on attracting publications than writers, so its usefulness to those of us who scribble may improve in the months to come. only recently came to my attention. It has a search function that is at least as sophisticated as the one Duotrope’s Digest uses, but it doesn’t have a lot of publication listings yet (488 according to the site), so the refined searching isn’t doesn’t do much for you. Otherwise, you can manually click through alphabetized listings that are color coded to show things like how traditional or nontraditional the publication is; whether the site takes poetry, fiction, both, or neither (whatever that may be); and even if it is a print or ezine publication. Each listing includes a link to the publication’s website so you can get more information.

Update: I’ve broken the link to because it has been reported as an “attack site” by my security preferences. I don’t know what this means, whether the site has been the subject of an attack itself or that there is some malice about it or some other reason, but I’m not going to link to it until (if) it is cleared up.

*   *   *

The venerable Poets & Writers Magazine has an online presence that includes a searchable listing of publications that accept work from writers. This is open to non-registered users, and though the listings seem to be vast, the basic function is only searchable by poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction, which doesn’t help very much. Beyond that, the listings are sorted alphabetically. There is an Advanced Search function, but you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the needlessly minute link to get there. Once there, you can search by publications that accept simultaneous submissions, electronic submissions, size of readership, percentage of unsolicited manuscripts published, and even the state and country where the publication is. When you get a listing you think you might like, it will give you the link to go to that publication’s actual website.

Their Classifieds listing might be more focused. These listings are purchased by publications seeking specific work, and if you read through them, you might find someone who is seeking a short story or novel exactly in the line of your fine work. The trouble is, you have to scroll through the whole list to find these nuggets.

Poets & Writers Magazine, even in its online presence, has a lot more to offer a serious writer, and it is worth your time to poke around a bit. I haven’t registered online with them, so there may be more resources there that I don’t know about. (I saw a link for podcasts, for example.) I know there is a discussion forum, and given the caliber of the articles I’ve seen, they seem to attract a more literary (rather than commercial or genre) crowd, so the discussions on the forum may be worthwhile.

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3 Comments on “Several writer resources”

  1. Beth Says:

    Thanks for posting the links! I’ve been working on a few short stories lately (hopefully for publication), these will come in very handy. I’ll definitely check out Duotrope’s Digest.

  2. Zac Says:


    I’d like to direct your attention to the update LitList has just undergone. We’ve been heavily developing a new platform for LitList, taking it away from its previous functionality to add in many new features. These features include the ability to follow publishers and writers, a re-vamped contest page that’s sort-able, a place for publishers to add submission guidelines, and an activity wall that lets users see the announcements and updates from writers and publishers they follow.

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