A puppy and a process, part two

What am I reading right now? Here are the top three books on my reading shelf:

  • The Border Collie by Mary Burch
  • Border Collies by Michael DeVine
  • Living with a Border Collie edited by Dita Kilsby

If you’re seeing a pattern, that’s because I now have a black and white Border Collie puppy living in my kitchen. His name is Flike (named after what I consider to be the very finest dog in all of cinema) and he is just over seven weeks old.

You may recall me speaking of our Pomeranian, Queequeg, here a few times. He’s now nearly a year old, and he’s really my wife’s dog. I’d been searching for a Border Collie for a long time; they’re not a very common breed in Kansas City where I live. When I found one with the markings I wanted, we made a long drive into rural America to fetch him and bring him home. That was on Wednesday.

So far, Flike has been a quiet, undemonstrative dog. We haven’t heard him bark yet. He seems to be shy and prefers to sleep unless we take him outside. Then he romps around like a real pup. He’s sleeping on my foot as I write this, which is endearing at the moment, but I have work to do, and I hope my early morning writing sessions don’t get interrupted by yet another needy dog in the household.

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One Comment on “A puppy and a process, part two”

  1. Pete Says:

    I hope you have a very big yard, because border collies need a lot of room to run.

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