Thursday is the cruelest day

When you pause to think about it, Thursday is really a strange day in the work week. Consider this:

  • Monday – You come to the office or wherever you work a bit shell shocked, confused and only motivated by caffeine and some vague sense of obligation, which you really need to reconsider when you have a moment to think straight. You stumble through the day on grit, uncertain that any of it makes sense.
  • Tuesday – Okay, time to roll up the sleeves and get to work! You need to pay your bills, after all, and you’re actually pretty good at what you do, so why not do it and be done with it? Great things can be achieved on Tuesdays.
  • Wednesday – Hump Day! The work week is halfway over already. You can begin to see the weekend from a Wednesday. Working for a living seems tolerable on a Wednesday.
  • Friday – TGIF! Nobody works very hard on a Friday. Working on a Friday is just a way to heighten the gratification when the workday ends!

But Thursday? What is that? An extra day snuck into the week without character or satisfaction. Thursdays are nefarious days worked up by evil corporations to wring a bit more work out of people. Thursdays lack definition. You’re tired of the long week, but you’re delayed from getting to the weekend by one more damned day. Thursdays are a cruel trick.

When I am made king, Thursdays will be banned.

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