The rewrite is complete

I have done it. I have finished the final rewrite of my novel-in-progress, The Sleep of Reason. Now I feel the relief that I missed when I finished writing the first draft. I knew then that it needed work, which may be why I didn’t feel this way then. (Does that make sense?)

I have now what I consider a finished product, polished and ready to send to the cold, capricious agents and editors of the world to be awed. I have a whole novel here, one I feel confident and proud of, one that I am convinced can stand on the shelf with any other novel. It’s as good as I can make it, and it’s ready to test itself in the world.

Instead, though, I’m going to put it away. I’m going to copy these chapters to a subdirectory in Google Documents for safekeeping, then I’m going to abandon this draft.

Although it’s a good and complete story, there is a story behind the story that isn’t being told, and to present that I need to rewrite it with a third person narrator. (Trust me on this.) So I’m going to give myself a few days of respite, then I’m going to embark on the hard work of writing a fresh novel from a different point of view. I don’t know how hard this process will be, but I’m going to do it, and keep doing it, until I get it right because that is what needs to be done.

I think I’ve settled on the persona of my narrator: an omniscient, bemused gentleman telling the tale of a lost and foolish man. I’ll keep him just short of being devilish, but his all-knowing, detached attitude will reinforce much of the tale to be told.

Wish me luck. I intend to begin in earnest this weekend.

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