Plugging along

I wish I had something interesting or astonishing to report here about my life in writing. The fact is, I’m in the long grind of rewriting. As I’ve said here countless times (so why say it again, right?), I am now rewriting my novel with a third person narrator rather than the first person narrator I had used in the first drafts. This is coming along better than I feared it would, but at this stage it’s all very workmanlike writing. I’ll need to go through it again to enhance the voice of the narrator, and I’ll comprehend what that voice should be like better after I’ve been all the way through the novel.

I can sit down to an hour or so of uninterrupted time and finish the rewrite of an entire chapter. It’s tedious because I am re-keying every single word (and Chapter 1 was nearly 9,000 words), but I should not complain about the pace. To write a single chapter during the frenzy of the first draft (or the vomit draft as I’ve heard it called) required several weeks of steady work, and most of the chapters were not nearly 9,000 words. So a chapter in an hour, even a tedious hour, it lightning fast. I just wish I could find more of those uninterrupted hours. Even so, I expect to have the final final draft ready for submission well before the second anniversary of my commencement on the novel, which is far ahead of the goal I had set myself. (It’s funny that I had only embarked on this work — to be no more than a novella I thought at the time — merely to get it out of my head so I could work on other things.)

It’s also fun because I can see all of the foreshadowing and seeds of character development that I put in these early chapters. I know what’s coming, so I see how I have prepared the reader for what’s coming. But it’s all still nicely subtle. I’d like to think that my novel will bear careful reading.

So I keep at it. Writing is rewriting, they say.

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