Polishing things

Before I realized that I needed to rewrite my work in progress with a third person narrator, I had polished the draft I had in first person to a high gloss. I’d been through it many times, checking this, fixing that, cruising through sentences for smoothness, honing character development. I got it to the point where I would have submitted it to agents for consideration if I hadn’t come to understand I needed to change it.

So now I’m retyping it, reading every word and changing it as necessary, and I’m alarmed at all of the stupid mistakes I keep finding!

Sure, there have been the occasional typos and misspellings, but the program points those out, and I tend to see them when it does. I’ve found a problem I have is homonyms. I know the distinction between rein, reign, and rain, but in the frenzy of typing I might get the wrong one down and then miss it. I also have a pattern of typing error with words like “now” becoming “not.” It’s not a typo or spelling error the program would catch, but a sentence that should say “You may now proceed,” has a different meaning when it reads “You may not proceed.” If I leave off the “s” of a word’s plural, the same sort of thing happens. I’m only catching these because I’m transcribing now.

The most embarrassing mistake I’ve found (so far) is in the character names. I’ve reported here a few times that I’ve changed most of the characters’ names (first and last) at least once, and I’ve used the program’s Search and Replace function to do it. How, then, did one of my key supporting characters remain Ms. Chambers in a chapter when she was supposed to be Ms. Stoper?

And this was the draft I once thought was ready for submission!

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One Comment on “Polishing things”

  1. Brian Keaney Says:

    This is a very familiar situation to me. I think someone must secretly add mistakes every time you finish editing.

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