Casting light in dark places

I noted last week that I realize I haven’t been making as many posts to this humble blog as I seem to have in the past. There are many reasons for this, some of which I’m probably only barely conscious of, but one of them is the strong human drive not to appear a fool.

Once again, this is sparked by what I see on other writers’ blogs. Some of the things I’ve read are so immature and ill considered that I wonder what the writers will think in five years when they look back on their words. (Some of them make me think of children who have dressed up in their parents’ clothes and are playing at being adults.) In the experience of my own paper journals I sometimes find myself putting my head in my hands at what I read written long ago. And that’s in a private journal that only I get to see. Yet some bloggers say astonishing things for all the world to see.

I doubt that I’m any exception. This blog has been around for more than two years, and I have no doubt that in that time, I’ve said some truly dreadful and embarrassing things here, certainly from a writing perspective, and probably personally too. I’m sure I’ve made some didactic and absolute statements about how creative writing should or should not be done. I’ve probably spoken too confidently about this great idea or that noble ambition I felt at the moment I was writing a post. I will say that I have pulled a few punches. There are some nincompoops I would like to savage here, but I’ve decided to be polite. I haven’t named the names of those who deserve a comeuppance. I’ve found that there are a lot of fragile egos among bloggers.

I’m also in the doldrums of the rewrite. I’m making good progress, but it doesn’t make for interesting posts. So why bore you with all of that, right? But we all keep on keeping on, don’t we?

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One Comment on “Casting light in dark places”

  1. rachel Says:

    I think that being vulnerable/honest even if it may make us look dumb later is human – and everyone connects with that. There is no way any person will say the perfect thing all of the time, but continuing to try deserves respect.

    p.s. i like your new snow theme!

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