Half way there (finally)

I’ve survived through half of the rewrite of my work in progress from first person narration to third person. It’s tedious work, but it’s getting easier.

My protagonist is a fool, but he does not know this. He’s well educated and highly confident of himself, and part of his characterization included having him spout erudite and florid words in his (first person) narration. That was fine when he was telling the story since I intended it to show a wall of bluster and arrogance that kept him deceived from what was happening all around him.

Switching to third person narration has meant that I must tone down this vocabulary in some cases. In many cases. I’ve chosen to have my new narrator be articulate, and even a little bemused, in the story telling, but much of the way the protagonist had told the story is not the way the new narrator tells the story. My new narrator is not a fool, and he doesn’t have any self delusions, so he doesn’t need a wall of words. That means a few challenges as I force myself to “hear” some passages in this new voice, which is difficult because I have the old voice right there on the screen before me. Ah, such are the troubles in my life.

I’ll confess that I had grown so weary of the rewrite that I began looking for ways to make the first person narration work with the “story behind the story” that I need to express. It just cannot be done in the first person — the narrator is too close to his tale to be able to show what’s really happening — but, boy, I sure tried to find a way rather than submit to continuing the long slog through the rest of the novel.

I’m past that now. Since I’m beyond the halfway point, the rewrite is all downhill, right? Actually, it’s beginning to pick up in terms of plot fulfillment, so I think the work will be more enjoyable. I press on.

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