Stumbling along

Really and truly, my life is boring. All of my offspring are gathered in town for the holidays, and we’ve been visiting, but mostly I’ve just been stumbling along through the rewrite of my novel-in-progress, The Sleep of Reason. (If you’ve read this humble blog any length of time, you’ll know that I’m skeptical of strict grammar application, but I wonder about that last bit of formatting. I set the title of the novel in italics; is that presumptuous given that it is only a manuscript and not actually a published novel? And technically, I don’t suppose that is even a grammar question. Would it be a usage question?)

Anyway, yesterday I passed the three-quarters mark in the novel rewrite. I have fifteen of twenty chapters now in third-person narration. The pace of the story has quickened, and so much of the seed planting and foreshadowing I had done in the earlier chapters is beginning to come into play. I had really hoped to have the whole business in a rough third-person narration by the end of the calendar year, but I see that isn’t going to happen. Do not worry, gentle reader. I’ll cope somehow.

I submitted another short story to a magazine the other day (thank you, Duotrope’s Digest!). I continue to make copious notes for the many, many story ideas that knock about in my brain. I keep reading works that are well done, informative, or challenging (sometimes all three at once). I persevere in my attempts to refine the functionality of this blog. And between all of that I still carry myself to the office so I can continue to pay the bills.

Regardless of my woes, I hope you enjoy the holidays, whatever your tradition and however you choose to celebrate them.

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