Minor meta musings

You’ll certainly have noticed (unless you read my words through an RSS feed) that I’ve been tinkering with the content and appearance of this humble blog. I’d never intended this to be static in style, but I also never had any confidence that I knew how to make any design changes, so I’ve been fumbling forward (with a little help from some friends).

Chief among the changes, obviously, is the new theme template that gives me a sidebar column and a different look. (The snow falling on the blog page only lasts until early January, which is something you don’t see if you’re reading this via RSS, by the way.) Into the sidebar I have tossed a few things including a search function (which had been on the blog with its former theme, but it was way down at the bottom and even I didn’t always remember it was there) and an archive link. Now, I happen to think that the way the archive function is set up in WordPress is a bit useless. It merely lists the various months in which there are posts, which makes it rather opaque as a search function. I realize there are ways to tinker with how the archive is displayed, but nothing I’ve come across does much to correct that.

Better, instead, I think, is the Categories aggregation, which is now on the sidebar. In this way, gentle reader, you can at least distinguish the type of posts so that you can find all of my blather about my “Humble Efforts” or my “Rants and Ruminations” or even the scant two posts in the category I call “Greater,” which, ironically, is what I intend to be my big, serious work, should I live long enough to get around to writing it.

The newest addition under the Pages section in the sidebar is the vaguely named “Works” page. This gives links (or citations for print publications) of my few bits of fiction that are published. It’s a slight collection, and I was hesitant to post it given how few there are, but while I have some things in circulation, it could be months until I have an addition or two to swell the number and make it less anemic, and I guess I decided I didn’t want to wait that long for something that may or may not happen. So have a look at them, and click through to some of the stories if you’re interested. (In some cases you can even leave comments about them at the publication, which I know the editors will appreciate. And so will I.)

In other news, it looks possible that I will be able to complete the rewrite of my novel-in-never-ending-progress, The Sleep of Reason, by the end of the calendar year. While an arbitrary deadline, it has spurred me on in recent weeks, and it makes me confident that I will have the whole thing finished and polished and gussied up by its second anniversary so I can begin sending it out and dismaying editors and agents.

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