Chapter 6 is a mess!

So I am going though what I imagine to be the final “rewrite” of my WIP, The Sleep of Reason, and I have stalled out at chapter 6. I’m not sure where my head was when I first wrote that chapter, but it really feels weak (the chapter, though maybe my head too). My protagonist seems simpering; the writing seems obvious. I want to portray him as proud of the work he is doing for his friend and that he is motivated (excessively, it will turn out) by his pride, but I think I am overstating it.

I’m not sure how the writing got in this shape (or got left in this shape). I think it may have been that I wasn’t fully clear how the character’s psychology was going to develop at the time and so I did what I thought would be useful down the storytelling road. Not sure.

I think I had suspected this weakness was there. I’ve been telling myself that I must keep an eye on the character’s psychological development when I go through the rewrite, and I suspect chapter 6 is why I needed to remind myself of that. I’m hopeful that I won’t find the same sort of stuff in later chapters.

Unfortunately, I did some significant work on a later and structurally similar chapter just before I started this “final” rewrite (those two points that suggested themselves recently that I posted about last week), and it has left me a little confused about what happens when in the story line. In order to get chapter 6 in shape, I think I’m going to need to re-read from the beginning. Again. It needs to be done.

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