Making progress

I’ve blathered so much about my quarrels with chapter 6 during the rewrite that I guess I should mention I’ve gotten past it now. In my read-through rewrite, I’ve managed to get all the way to chapter 7!

Chapter 6 did not contain as much junk as I misremembered. It was useful for me to start at the very beginning of the novel with the read through, and now I’m making progress again. Not with the swiftness I had originally hoped for, but that’s just as well since I continue to turn up more of those odd little typo artifacts I mentioned earlier in the week.

Once I get this read-through rewrite done, I intend to send the whole novel to a special reader who has a background in the field I’m depicting. Not only will she be able to give me a reader’s response, but she’ll be able to bring her art background to it and, it is hoped, make suggestions to get that part of the novel better focused. (No pressure.)

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One Comment on “Making progress”

  1. rachel Says:

    I hope that your reader lives up to your expectations! 🙂

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