A mystery worthy of the Great Detective

Flike, my Border Collie pup who is now five months old and who weighs 40 pounds, has learned to jump on the furniture. It was inevitable. He is big and strong, with long legs and an ever-curious spirit. Once he learned he could leap onto our bed, he made that his favored place to sleep at night. (It’s not so bad. He curls into a ball down by our legs.) He hasn’t gotten onto any tables, but he can certainly put his front paws up there and see whatever might be hidden atop them. He snagged a whole sandwich once.

Among his victims is the pink love seat in the front room of our house. In order to get a toy or to get Queequeg (our Pomeranian) or to get into trouble, he jumped up there the other day, knocking the blanket on it askew and upsetting the cushion. And that little incident led to a mystery.

When my wife was busy putting the love seat back together, she found something hidden beneath the cushion. There was a book sitting there inside a Barnes and Noble bag. She didn’t remember hiding anything there. She’d never seen it before. So she took the book out of the bag and realized that the book was clearly intended as a gift for me. (Nice how that worked out, isn’t it?).

The book is The Bedside Companion to Sherlock Holmes, by Dick Riley and Pam McAllister. It’s a wonderful little book (the 2005 edition) that is packed with commentary and trivia about the great detective, his creator, Victorian London, and short synopses about each of the stories and novels. There’s even a crossword puzzle about the various mysteries that were never written but are referred to in the other tales. It will be great for easy reading.

But the mystery remains. Who bought the book? And who hid it there? And who forgot all about it? None of the children have claimed it.

Thanks, whoever you are!

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