Turning a corner on the rewrite

I feel as though I’ve turned some important corner in the rewrite of my WIP. There’s still plenty to do, including at least one more complete read through with a red pen, but the work feels different now. I feel that I have some new mastery over the story and the story telling.

I worked slowly and carefully through the very last chapter yesterday, pruning the dead wood and looking for ways to strengthen the images as well as to hide the revelations (until the last couple of paragraphs). It all felt very right. For the most part the needed fixes stood out and the solutions came. (I did struggle with some of it.)

My reader has been providing valuable feedback as well. Not only has she been spotting some internal inconsistencies — things I would have completely missed no matter how many times I re-read the story — but she is bringing her art history background to her analysis. (I’ve mentioned at least once before the western painting and sculpture play a significant part in the story. Not being an expert myself, I am glad I can count on my reader to bring the expertise.)

An unexpected benefit of my reader’s input is that I’m having a cross fertilization of ideas. If this is so, then that is so as well. And if this situation exists, then that situation would make sense to follow from it. I’m making all kinds of connections, things that are absolutely true to the plot and characters and that illustrate or complement key points and developments in the story. I’m more than a little embarrassed that I hadn’t seen these things before now. But better now than never (or after it’s too late to make the changes).

So as I said, I’m wading into it again with a feeling of greater control and insight. There’s plenty of work to be done, but I feel more equipped than ever to do it.

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2 Comments on “Turning a corner on the rewrite”

  1. M T McGuire Says:

    Hello, I loved what you said on the Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook blog about when a person becomes a writer so I thought I’d saunter over here and read some things… I wish I could describe my struggle to write with such lyricism! It resonated, though as there is definitely a point in my writing when, I start to think “B****y hell! It’s working.” and I realise that yes, the pieces are, eventually, going to slide into place.


    M T McGuire

  2. paullamb Says:

    M T – Thanks for your kind words. I’m not sure how lyrical I was (I feared I was being antagonistic) but thanks for coming by. I’ve poked around over at your place a bit already too.

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