Still at it, still improving it

I’m sorry to keep posting about the same thing, but the surge through the latest rewrite of my WIP is about all I am doing of late.

My reader continues to send me all kinds of useful comments and suggestions, and these in turn spark other revelations of my own. I’m flitting about here and there across the twenty-one chapters of the novel to add this or fix that or address the implications of an addition or fix I’ve made elsewhere. I found four instances of my antagonist with his old name in the story. (Actually, I found two and my reader found two.) I thought I had used the search and replace function in Word to address all of these, but I guess I had missed a chapter. Embarrassing.

The plot is long since settled. The character development is also firmly addressed. I’m going through the whole thing once again with an eye to firming up the prose. You’ll recall that I had originally told this tale with a first person narrator — the protagonist. When I found that this approach would not work to reveal the story behind the story, I recast it with the third person narrator that was needed. Alas, my protagonist is a bit pompous and arrogant, and his narrative was bloated with convoluted sentences and “erudite” language that, while perfectly suitable for displaying his character, has crept into the third person narration as well. So I’m going through it all once again to clean up these remnants. My third person narrator is supposed to be slightly amused by the foolishness of the protagonist, and if anything, I want to get a bemused tone to the telling. So that’s what I’m working toward.

When will it end? I wish I knew. I’m approaching the second anniversary of the beginning of the writing of this story. As arbitrary deadlines go, that seems suitable. Aside from the last minute epiphanies I am having about this or that little fix in the story, I think it is pretty much whole. I think I could declare an end to it once I have incorporated the last of the comments by my insightful and gracious reader. Then the scary part begins. Submission!

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One Comment on “Still at it, still improving it”

  1. Brian Keaney Says:

    There are so many meanings to the word ‘submission’ and they all seem appropriate to the process of sending a manuscript to an editor or agent

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