A nibble

I caution myself not to get too excited. Or at least to enjoy it briefly and then get back to work.

An agent has asked to see the complete manuscript of my novel, The Sleep of Reason.

I opened the email this morning at the office and floated through the rest of the day, eager to get home and to my laptop so I could finish putting in page numbers and get the twenty-one chapters to her ASAP.

I’ve been quietly sending out queries to agents for the last couple of weeks. I go to AgentQuery and use the search parameters to find likely targets — the list changes daily as new agents are added I suppose — but even so, there are nearly 300 who seem to be interested in what I think my market would be. (So if this first nibble doesn’t work out, I’ll have some other prospects.)

Two of the agents I emailed responded either the same day or the next day to politely decline my offer. That’s fine. I expect that from the majority of them (well, not the swift denial, but the denial). The agent who requested the complete manuscript responded the day after I’d sent my query to her. I’d sent it early Sunday morning, and she responded early Monday morning (New York time), so I hope that’s an indication that my query letter is well written.

Anyway, the manuscript went out this evening, and now the waiting game begins. Nearly everything I’ve read says that I should continue sending out queries, and I shall. I need to keep busy to get refocused. I think it’s getting time to start on the next novel, something wholly different from The Sleep of Reason.

Update: Yes, I have continued to send queries to targeted agents. It is easy and quick with email; how did we ever get things done with snail mail? I still haven’t quite focused on what to turn my attention to next though. I’m not sure my ideas for Larger Than Life have gestated enough yet. I’m actually thinking of reworking one of my earlier Finnegan murderless mystery novels. I thought the story was good but the telling needed a little mending. I’ll flop around with indecision for a while, but something will come to the fore.

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4 Comments on “A nibble”

  1. Brian Keaney Says:

    Fingers crossed.

  2. Rob Crompton Says:

    That’s good news and encouragement for you. Unless you are specifically asked for an exclusive then you should definitely keep on sending the query out. I worked on the basis of always having three queries, and sometimes four, in the pipeline. It softened the blow when rejections came. And there are always some who never reply at all.

  3. Pete Says:

    A good first step. But definitely keep sending out queries. After all, if you were job-hunting and one company gave you a positive response (not a job offer or even an interview, though, just a response) you wouldn’t just suspend your job search, right?

  4. rachel Says:

    This is so exciting! (I fell behind on my blog reading this week, so just saw this…)

    I think you will get interest from a bunch of agents… In my opinion, anyway! 🙂

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