Note to self: enough with the dithering already!

My dithering about what writing project I should throw myself into next has been instructive. Or thematic, perhaps. I’ve decided that by being “uncertain” what I am best prepared to work on, I have conveniently been able to avoid doing anything at all. But enough of that!

I’ve decided that I’m going to begin working in earnest on my novel idea Larger than Life. It’s very much unlike the doom and gloom of The Sleep of Reason; it’s a love story, actually. But it involves a character who does a lot of dithering of his own, afraid to commit to several courses of action that he knows he must follow but finds ways to avoid doing.

I’ve been making notes for this novel for a long time, a couple of years at least, and the germ of the idea goes back in my written journals probably more than a decade. (I have a friend who told me once that the ideas that won’t go away are the good ones that you should pursue.) And I’ve made reference to it on this humble blog several times already.

I opened my notes file for Larger than Life and found that I have nearly 11,000 words there. Most of these notes are just scraps, collected casually as they occurred to me. But as I read through all of those words the other day, I found several themes cropping up that I know I can use to guide and control the story development and telling. I think I have a solid core of material to begin building on, and if my experience is anything like it was with The Sleep of Reason, more ideas will come because I have begun working on it than would have come if I merely waited for them to visit me on their own.

It feels good to commit to a course of action. (Note to self: add this epiphany to my character’s development.) I’m sure there will be stumbles and frustrations as I feel my way forward, but “forward” is far better than sitting still. (Note to self: make sure the protagonist comes to see this too.)

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