LtL – Chapter Two

I’ve made dandy progress on chapter two of my next novel, Larger than Life. I’ve begun on chapter two for mysterious creative reasons that actually make sense to me. Chapter one will be unlike most of the rest of the novel, but chapter two is also different in many ways from the rest of the novel (at least as I envision it right now). The setting is completely different. In fact, the setting of chapter one with the counter-protagonist is much closer to the rest of the novel. (Does any of this make sense?)

So I have chapter two completed in more or less first draft. It’s nearly 6,000 words though I am sure I can cut that down a decent bit in later work on it. Regardless, it really establishes my protagonist as well as sketches most of the supporting characters. And I think I’ve achieved the tone I’ll sustain through most of the novel.

I’ve read a lot lately about novelists who finally get an agent for their first novel and then can’t get started on their second novel. (I’m probably only thinking I’m seeing this a lot because it’s pertinent to my condition.) Well, I haven’t heard back from any of the agents who have asked for the full novel, but I did wonder if I’d have the stamina to keep writing. Seems I didn’t have to worry at all.

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