New names, fewer games

I’m not going to play all of the name games in Larger than Life that I have in The Sleep of Reason. In that latter novel just about every character’s name carried a secondary or symbolic meaning. Not so with LtL.

My protagonist does have a little name stunt work going on, but it is of his own making. He plays a game with his own name. Beyond that, only one character has a name that I do anything with, and that is merely because it is a name that could apply to a man or a woman, which introduces a bit of dramatic ambiguity near the start of the novel. The rest of the characters (so far) merely get the names that popped into my head when I needed them. One has the personality of a guy I knew decades ago, but that’s about it in terms of character names and their meanings, at least in this novel. Of course, I have a long way to go, and my purposes may change.

It seems to me that a character’s name can be one more opportunity for a writer to practice the craft, as I explored in some length in this old post.

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