Another nice Friday

Mondays and Fridays have certainly taken on a different tone in recent weeks. I opened my email this morning to find that another agent has asked to see a partial of The Sleep of Reason. That makes four, now, who are considering it (but check my math).

As I noted in a recent post, I continue to send queries, though not at the same pace as I had originally. This most recent bit of good news came only five days after I had sent that query out. (It is tempered a bit by a rejection I received yesterday. Still, I think the ratio is pretty good.) The fact that I’m getting any positive response at all tells me I have a worthy story, so I’ll keep on.

The agent has said that she needs at least three months to consider the submission, and my mood should easily stay buoyed for that long! In the meantime, back to work on Larger than Life, and I’m happy to report that all kinds of “revelations” are popping into my head about how the characters ought to be developed, how this or that plot detail can feed into the theme, and so forth. It’s like the early days of The Sleep of Reason when the story seemed to be revealing itself to me from some other place.

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One Comment on “Another nice Friday”

  1. Pete Says:

    For goodness sake, keep on writing. Don’t let yourself be distracted by the incomprehensible whims of the publishing industry. If Sleep was meant to be published, that will work itself out – and by then you’ll be well along in finishing another book.

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