Another progress report

When you don’t have anything else to say, you can always fall back on a progress report.

I’m pleased with my progress on Larger than Life. I now have chapters two and three finished in first draft. (Chapter one, you’ll recall, will be written after I have the rest of the novel finished. Even so, I’ve referenced it in chapter three.)

Chapter three currently sits at 3,740 words. I’m not really paying much attention to word count at this point; I’m simply writing the story as it requires itself to be written. Even so, the chapter seems short for what I want it to do. I have no worries though. As more of the novel evolves and presents itself to me, I’ll very likely go back to the earlier chapters to supplement what’s there so they mesh better with and feed into the rest of the novel. We shall see.

And since I’m not paying attention to word count . . . my notes file is now more than 13,600 words long. By the time I had the whole of The Sleep of Reason in first draft, the notes I compiled for that were nearly 42,000 words (but a lot of those were redundant words or text drafts rather than true notes). So I am confident that the momentum continues to build for Larger than Life.

Chapter four is revealing itself to me now more clearly. It will be another back story chapter, but it will also give insight into the protagonist’s state of mind and set the stage for upcoming developments. I don’t yet have the same feeling for this story as I did for The Sleep of Reason that it is a story that exists “out there” somewhere and that I have been chosen to tell it. Yet while that was an encouraging feeling with that earlier novel, I don’t feel the need for such encouragement with this one.

As for The Sleep of Reason, I’ve had no fresh news from any of the agents I’ve sent the query to or from the four who are currently holding partials (and one complete). Nor have I heard anything about the half dozen short stories I am currently circulating. I just try to stay busy and keep myself from checking my email more than once every hour.

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