Chapter 4 is completed

I’ve been quiet here mostly because I have no news to report. In the past couple of weeks I haven’t been able to scrape together the sustained hours of solitude I need to write. I’ve found that I pretty much need three hours of uninterrupted time to get the creative engine up to ideal speed. (And the first hour of that time is generally devoted to warm-up work: writing that is not directly related to the fiction I need to work on.) That’s hard to find except on the weekends, and the past three weekends have involved out-of-state travel and nights in hotels. I’ve been able to write in hotels in the past, but my trips recently have been too frantic and chore laden to allow the quiet of mind that I need.

Nonetheless, I do have chapter four of Larger than Life completed in first draft. It’s a reflective chapter; my protagonist inventories his life and prospects, and he doesn’t find a lot of value in himself. Along the way I am setting up for things that will come later in the novel, and at the end of the chapter, he gets a talking to that contradicts everything he thinks about himself (but he doesn’t believe any of it).

I vacillate between thinking I’m on to a good story and being certain that it is junk that I ought to abandon immediately. That’s hardly unique among fiction writers and certainly the common case for me. I’ll keep at it because I know that eventually I will have created enough of the story to achieve critical mass. And I must remind myself that it is merely first-draft writing. Each read through has me correcting word choices and improving sentences. As more of the story comes into focus, I’ll know how to go back and revise/enhance what I have so much doubt about now.

So, onward!

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