Away for now, back soon

I may be more than my usual level of quiet around here for the next week. I am staying at a lovely bed and breakfast in New Mexico, and the internet connection is iffy. (I had to wait ten minutes just for the blog to load so I could make this entry.) I don’t even know if this post will appear, and I can’t be sure I’ll have the chance to check until next week.

Nonetheless, this has to be the most gracious bed and breakfast we have ever stayed at. It is in an old hacienda with thick adobe walls, timbered ceilings, and large rooms. There are books everywhere. Lots of brass artwork: mostly statues of horses and horsemen but also Native American art including rugs and blankets. And the setting is gorgeous. It is in the Sangre de Cristo mountains, nestled close to the base of the Tooth of Time. (I’ll try to give you some links when I get back home next week.)

We’re visiting our son, who is doing his pediatric rotation for medical school at the huge Boy Scout ranch near here, and we hope to visit some of the sights in the area including the towns of Santa Fe and Taos and perhaps the Taos Pueblo.

In other news. I have a hopeful response from one of the agents who looked at The Sleep of Reason. She wants me to trim 5,000 words from it and make it read a bit quicker. I’ll have to get going on that right away.

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One Comment on “Away for now, back soon”

  1. rachel Says:

    your post worked! have a nice time.

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