My New Mexico interlude

I had a wonderful week in New Mexico. My wife and I had gone primarily to visit our son, who is doing his pediatric rotation at the Scout ranch there. We also managed to see some of the beautiful American Southwest, and I really hope to visit again soon. We also stayed at a delightful bed and breakfast.

During my time nearly off the grid I managed to write a short story. It’s one that’s been knocking around in my head for several weeks, and I took advantage of the quiet at the B&B to give a go at starting it. To my surprise, I managed to finish a first draft in two sessions. The story itself is not so remarkable, but the reaction I hope it will cause in the reader, and the question the reader will ask about the reaction, are what I think will be what distinguishes the story. I’ll let it gestate for a while before I consider it ready to send around.

Now that I’m back to the rude realities of life, I need to get roaring on the new rewrite of The Sleep of Reason to trim the word count and give it more urgency, as the agent who expressed an interest in it had suggested. I want to get the revision to her as soon as I can, as you might expect.

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