Another pointless word count

Now that I’m back to working in earnest on Larger than Life (having finished the crash diet on the manuscript for The Sleep of Reason), I’m finding my way back into the narrative and moving it along.

My protagonist is growing more clear in my head. He visits me constantly with little revelations of what he would say or do or think or feel in various situations, and I make my notes. I’m finding that he really is an interesting character (though he doesn’t think so), with more complexity than I had first envisioned. As pathetic as he is (or sees himself) he’s grown challenging and fun to write. And the arc of the story has grown more clear to me as well as I’ve seen how I’m going to lead my protagonist through it. I had doubts about this story, that it didn’t add up to anything worthwhile, but those are gone now. While The Sleep of Reason is a more fantastic, thrilling story, Larger than Life is a more focused character study. It’s going to take a different kind of hard work to make it pull together, but I see that it can be done, and I even relish the challenge of making every single word count.

Anyway, I’ve only “completed” three chapters in first draft (and 39 words of a fourth — 39 good words), but already my word count stands at a fraction greater than 13,000. That feels like a healthy number for so early in the effort. I think it is the critical mass I so often feel I need when embarking on a story to sustain my motivation. The road ahead is long and winding, but I’m on my way. Feels good.

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One Comment on “Another pointless word count”

  1. Rob Crompton Says:

    This sounds good. Sounds as if you have got to the stage where your character and his story have come to life and you can see it unfolding through his eyes. I love it when I get to this point and the process of writing then becomes a bit like a like between author and character out of which the novel emerges. I’m sure that to many who have never been there this could sound like so much pretentious nonsense. In fact it’s an essential aspect of writing “real” fiction.
    Keep it up. If you are anything like me you will want to print out what you have written so far just for the pleasure of holding it in your hands.

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