“Straight on till morning”

I’ve mentioned here before that the first chapter of my WIP, Larger than Life, will be radically different in tone and narration from the rest of the story. And because it will presage much of the protagonist’s subsequent state of mind, I wanted to save the writing of it until last so I’d know better just what it is I wanted to presage.

Okay, so I’ve changed my plans. I found that as I wrote the rest of the story (I’m somewhere in chapter six right now), I was going back to my notes file for chapter one to work out how this or that symbol or foreshadowing would work. And what I found was that I had already worked out enough of chapter one to simply go ahead and write the thing. Which I did over the last few days.

It’s pretty good as it stands, but I consider it mostly just a skeleton. I’ll hang more substance on it as the rest of the story evolves. Still, it was satisfying to get the draft done. Right now it stands at 1500+ words, which is a little lean but maybe okay for a first chapter that is going to be so utterly different from the rest of the novel.

I had a hard time with chapter five, but I think I have its skeleton finished as well. I knew what I wanted to do with the chapter, and I did it, and then I looked at it and felt it was insufficient. I expect that as I work on the rest of the story, I’ll return to this chapter and flesh it out some as well. It’s an important chapter, the unrecognized beginning of the protagonist’s shift in character, so I’m sure it will need revisiting.

As to the title of this post, I’ve borrowed it from Peter Pan, and I’ve used it as the thematic last line of chapter one. The intention, of course, is to show my protagonist’s state of mind as the story begins.

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