Bit and pieces and Life

There are plenty of metaphors for the creative writing process. I’ve sometimes likened my process to a train ride: I know where I’ll get on. I know where I’ll get off. I know some of the stops along the way. But the people I will meet and the things that I will see are always unknown at the start (even at the halfway point sometimes).

Larger than Life has been poking along. I’m writing it, and I’m making progress. But so far I just don’t feel that same momentum I did with The Sleep of Reason. I’m sure it will come once I get more of it written but right now it just feels as though I am assembling a skeleton of a story. And that seems to be my new metaphor.

I’m writing my chapters, but they seem too brief to me. I have the bones of the story, and I’m putting them together in the proper order. Yet where is the fleshy substance? I tell myself that as more of the story gets in place I’ll see more relationships between the events and characters and themes and tone, and I’ll know to go back to chapter whichever to fill in some gaps and prepare the reader for later revelations.

I suppose it will fill out over time, and I’m not really writing toward a deadline or a specific word count, so I’ll just keep on keeping on and see what may come.

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