Flesh and bone

I wish I could tell you that I’m making dandy progress on my WIP, Larger than Life. Or I wish I could tell you that I’ve given it up as a failed effort and moved on to something new. But I’m lost in some nether region where I can’t get to either place.

I continue to scribble words for the story, and I’m making some headway in getting it told, but I sure don’t feel the momentum I’d felt at this point with my earlier novel. Half the time I think my story isn’t worth the trouble of telling. (For another view, have a look at this.) And then I’ll go back and read some of what I’ve written and really like the kernel of what is there and get enthused again. Even so, it still feels as though I’m assembling the skeleton of the story and not yet writing the real thing. Yet hardly a day goes by when I don’t think of some detail to go back and add to what I’ve already written, so maybe I’m putting some flesh on those old bones. In fact, I sat down the other day and wrote more than 2,000 words — pretty good words — in one sitting.

I did have a pretty big thematic realization that will color everything I write about the story. My character is hungry, which doesn’t seem like much but just go with me that this really affected my understanding of what is going on.

I also have reached a conclusion about the narrator of the story. I had jokingly told myself I should do this with the narrator, and then the more I thought of it the more I both liked it and saw how it could work. So now I think I have control of the voice of the story too. (Hence I am heeding my own advice.)

On balance I’d say I’m winning more skirmishes with this story than losing, so I’ll keep at it.

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