Sleep gets some attention

In my woeful post of the other day I mentioned that nothing much was happening in my writing universe. That changed today when I opened my email.

I’ve mentioned that my WIP, The Sleep of Reason, has been with a few agents for several months. Only one had asked for the full manuscript, but today a second agent asked for the full. I know that for most of you this is small potatoes, but I’m stoked!

I’ve made a small change to the plot, one that I’ve wanted to make for some time. It adds a bit more credibility and a lot more darkness to the story, and since the novel was going to fresh eyes, I thought I’d present the best I had.

I have no idea how long the agent will hold the novel until she reads it, much less when she will respond, but I’m grateful for the activity (while I continue to plod through Larger than Life).


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