My first purchased ebook

Okay, I mentioned the other day that I’ve already downloaded the public domain copy of Walden to my new Kindle, but I’ve since actually purchased a book too.

I’m now reading Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem on my Kindle. It’s a book that has interested me for several years, and the synopsis of it sounded interesting. Also, I looked for many novels that I might have chosen instead, but they weren’t available (including yours, probably).

So far it’s working out. (Also, in paper form, I’m currently reading The Book and the Brotherhood by Iris Murdoch.)

Update: I finished reading Fortress of Solitude on January 18. (I was reading some Dostoyevsky concurrently.) I really liked the characterizations and especially the narrative voice (or voices since some of the story is told in third person and some in first person). I’ll certainly be reading more Lethem.

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One Comment on “My first purchased ebook”

  1. Of the Lethem I’ve read (Fortress of Solitude, Motherless Brooklyn, a book of short stories, and some essays), Fortress of Solitude was my fave.

    It’s loose in ways, but it kept my interest because he really creates a sense of place and time with it, and he cuts loose and does some neat things with the writing.

    Hope you enjoy the book…and e-books!

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