Deciphering Deciphered

There is an old disparagement about a certain man who moved from Missouri to Iowa and increased the average IQ of both states.

I’m pleased with the progress I’m making on Finnegans Deciphered, the new novel I embarked on as the new year began. I have the first two chapters written in draft form. Five thousand words already. That’s more than five hundred words a day, which is a pretty good pace for me. I’m sure I’ll improve them as the story progresses.

I’ve already pretty much decided to move a few hundred words from chapter 2 to chapter 1 and increase the average plot development of both.

Though I have fewer notes (by word count) for this novel than I do for Larger than Life, I feel as though I can master this one much more easily. (I do continue to make notes for Larger than Life — I’m not sure where I’m headed with that novel, whether I’ll eventually abandon it or eventually feel I understand the protagonist well enough to get back to it. Frustrating.)

Nonetheless, I need to sit down and make an outline of Deciphered’s plot as I need it to develop: what should happen when since the revelation of the “mystery” of the story needs to cause several things to happen. I have it mostly straight in my mind, but I need to formalize it so I know how to work toward it as I write these early chapters. I don’t normally write a formal outline of my plots, but maybe I’ve been doing myself a disservice.

Anyway, things are moving along, which is a pleasant change for me lately.

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