“Pandora’s Tackle Box”

A bit of good news started off my weekend. On Friday evening I heard from the editor of A Golden Place telling me that my short story “Pandora’s Tackle Box” has been accepted for publication there. I first made cryptic mention of it in this post.

As I said then, I made some of the changes she suggested, but not all of them. In her response, the editor didn’t make mention of me not changing the ending, but she did say there were some typos in the punctuation that would be fixed. Not sure what those might be, though they may have been intentional since you know how little regard I have for “the rules.”

Once the issue is online — the first week of March — I’ll put a link up over in the sidebar.

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2 Comments on ““Pandora’s Tackle Box””

  1. Brian Keaney Says:

    I look forward to reading it.

  2. Pete Says:

    Congrats. Here’s hoping they don’t change the ending for you.

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