Next up in the Kindle queue ~ The Sea Wolf

I’ve been wanting to read this old Jack London novel for some time and somehow never did. Of course, having a frugal streak within me, I was more readily motivated to add it to my Kindle since it was free on Amazon, being in the public domain.

Alas, I think I am of the wrong generation to fully embrace eReaders. I never managed to finishing reading a single book on my wife’s iPad, though I have managed to do so with my Kindle for some reason. I’ve read four novels with it since the holidays, and I haven’t run into any difficulties such as eye strain.

Nonetheless, it still doesn’t feel like reading (whatever that is). I don’t seem to be able to enter the imaginary world when I’m holding the slim device in my hand, not the way I seem to when I have a book in hand. Sure, I can follow the story and see the scenes as depicted. But I just don’t feel immersed.

Plus I have a dilemma. I’m old fashioned enough to like the look of a shelf of books, to want to build a library of “keepers.” And many paper books that I have read but don’t intend to keep I like to donate to a small-town library near my little cabin in the woods. Tinkers would have been one of those books (though it certainly merits a second reading). But my copy of Tinkers only exists in digital form. I can’t put it on my old-fashioned shelf or donate to the little library.

Update March 1, 2011 – It was a worthy read, though some of it was a bit quaint. (The protagonist and the woman he loves are marooned on an island together and yet they make a hut with separate sleeping chambers.) The novel did tackle some of the big questions of life and power. Selfishness or charity? Which is more sensible and which is more foolish? The “bad” guy was whole and consistent. The “good” guy grew (but only in socially acceptable ways). The woman was steadfast. The sea was uncaring. The ship was the world in microcosm. I think of The Sea Wolf as Moby Dick light.

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3 Comments on “Next up in the Kindle queue ~ The Sea Wolf

  1. Brian Keaney Says:

    I think it feels more like a book if you put it in one of those leather covers they sell. I’ve just finished reading O Pioneers by Willa Cather on mine, which I have to confess I’d never even heard of before, and I thought it was wonderful.

  2. Paul Says:

    Brian, O Pioneers is consider a classic, especially here in the Midwest of the country. Most people consider Cather’s novel My Antonia to be her best though.

  3. Brian Keaney Says:

    Thanks,Paul. I have now downloaded My Antonia from Project Gutenberg

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